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That sounds pretty daft, doesn’t it?  And no - no I haven’t actually heard anyone say so.  But ask the average person a question about Nitrogen and their blank look will tell you all that you need to know.  To the average person, Nitrogen doesn’t exist – does it?

        Take them back to school-days and science, and the composition of the air in which we live, which we breathe, and a flicker of recognition might cross a face or two when they recall that Nitrogen makes up 80% of the Earth’s atmosphere – the remainder being Oxygen, 20%, and CO2 adding a minute 0.4%.  
Even this passing interest will wane if you move on to suggest that, as Nitrogen is a constituent of many minerals, and is present in large volumes in the seas and is a component of every living thing, it might be worth a thought.  As the blank look gets even blanker, they might give a passing reference to CO2 – “Yeah – I’ve heard of that – greenhouse gas - innit?”

       Nitrogen is invisible and odourless, so to all intents and purposes, it is not there – until it blows on you, or drives along the clouds in the sky.  Sometimes it is warm - other times it may be cold, although you don’t say to yourself “The nitrogen is warm/cold today.”

       In other words, you are only aware of this invisible element by the effect that it has upon you.  Yet, if it ceased to be there, you would die.

       Those selfsame words may be applied directly to another invisible element that is present and ‘envelops’ you completely and always.  An element that is far more complex than nitrogen, and much, much more difficult to describe – and certainly not in scientific terms.

       It is an element whose presence has been recognised, recorded and analysed and written about by the people of every culture that has ever existed, and since the beginning of recorded time.
It is fundamental.  It is the world of ‘spirit’.

       Now how do I follow that?  Yes.  How do I follow that?  In introducing ‘nitrogen’ and speculation about the gas, I was entering a ‘world’ where virtually everything may be analysed and measured - the world of science.

Not so within the ‘world of spirit’.

       Just try to speak or write about ‘spirit’, ‘spiritual’, ‘spirits’ and inevitably you will find yourself bogged down in the world of religion, of religions, of confusion, of speculation, where every relevant word has already been saddled with a whole range of meaning, of meanings – all argued over, debated –fought over even – and you will understand why I hesitate to add even more.

       Yet I have added more – 160,000 words more - in the text of a book that I have written and published.  Words that have come from my heart – that have come from my mind.  Words that have come from the reality of personal experience.  Personal experience of the reality of spiritual presence.  From the direct experience of the presence within my mind and within my body of intelligent independently acting ‘beings’.  Beings that are normally referred to as spirits.

The book has the title

Listening to the Silences
in a World of Hearing Voices

I have experienced inner voices and many other phenomena for over thirty years – and I am not, nor ever have been made ill from this cause.  I have not become ill because, knowing exactly what I was doing at the outset, and how everything evolved, I am certain, with an unshakeable certainty, that what I experience is the result of spiritual intrusion into my mind, body and senses.

       I write in detail of how it all began, and my subsequent life and what I have learned – and still continue to learn – and how, in contrast to the malign voices and presences that can dominate thought and action, I have experienced the direct opposite.  I have experienced the actions and support of the absolutely benign spiritual presences. 

When I began to write, I had one principal purpose, namely, to bring reality to the understanding of ‘schizophrenia’, ‘voice hearing’ –realityexperience – instead of academic theory.  However, as I wrote, I realised that much of what I was writing had direct relevance to other areas of mental ill-health, such as ‘bipolar disorder’, ‘dissociation’ or multiple-personality disorder, and possibly paranoia.

       One theme, however, runs through the book, a theme whose purpose is to proclaim the reality of the existence of the completely benign and helpful spiritual presences.  Without these presences in my life, I would not have achieved much of what I have done.

       They exist in the lives of everyone – but as with the nitrogen, many individuals are completely unaware, or don’t even care.  For myself – without their quiet, almost subliminal help, I would never have achieved what I have done in my writing, nor in my role as natural healer. 

I would never have corresponded by email with other voice-hearers across the world, from the Philippines to Alaska.

Certainly, I would never have received an email such as this from ‘John’ – forty-five years old and long time voice hearer –

“You and your book are the best things that have ever happened to me.  You have saved my sanity.
                        You have saved my life


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