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I began to ‘hear voices’ and experience other forms of intrusion into my mind and body during the summer of 1979. Quite innocently, I had been using a pendulum to dowse from maps and various diagrams. I was not looking for spiritual enlightenment, for a ‘spiritual guide’, or for anything psychic. In other words, I was simply following a direction dictated by a naturally curious mind. Through a sequence of events that I describe in detail in Chapter 6 of my book, I arrived at the occasion when, sitting quietly in a meditative state, a spiritual presence moved physically into me, and my mind was filled with an inner voice that was not ‘me’. In my mind began conversation as between two separate individuals.
Much flowed from this dialogue, although looking back, I cannot emphasise too strongly just how na├»ve and gullible I was. At first all seemed benevolent and positive, but gradually as the winter wore on, some of the voices and presences became ‘darker’ and dominating, in contrast to those that were positive and supporting. Physical presence became much stronger, and I was being hurried forward towards Christmas in a state of growing confusion. The miserable weather and the increasing chore of looking after a horse that was stabled at night began to wear me down and began to form the backdrop to the increasingly dominant and needling presences. Everything culminated in the events that I describe below, although mere words cannot begin to describe the tumult of emotion and reaction that approached terror.

“It was a dark, wet and miserable evening just two days before Christmas, and I was attempting to muck-out the stable that adjoined my house. But just as if I had lived through an episode from one of the tales of the Brothers Grimm, my mind and body had been intruded into, and my actions had been harried and impeded by malign ‘entities’, ‘spirits’, ‘imps’ – call them what you will. Have no doubt, they were real and not the product of a fevered imagination, nor, yet, the result of drink or drugs, for I use neither. Nevertheless, and in spite of all of that, I finally got my mare, Bokhara, installed in her stable and dried and fed - in the midst of what varied thoughts I cannot remember. Although I have no doubt that I was being forced to concentrate upon aspects of my moral life, and my fitness for a life of improving spirituality. Let me again emphasise, there was nothing in my moral life, past or present, with which I could reproach myself to any significant extent; but somehow, everything was trawled, examined, and even the most minor peccadillo could, in my then state of mind, be made to seem to be an enormous ‘sin’. Gradually, the whole thrust of the ‘catechism' and analysis wound around the ‘Christmas story’, and subtly, and by allusion, around all past relationships with my late parents. Any misunderstandings, any ‘wish lists’, were extracted within the ‘Holy Family’ context, as if my parents were near at hand and conscious of all that was transpiring. Yet again, the wheel turned and there was being stoked a feeling that I should go to the local church on Christmas Eve, but only to stand outside, not being fit to proceed to join the ‘good’ people inside. It all sounds so ludicrous as I write it down, and I do so solely to show how ones sense of proportion could be made to be so distorted as to accept such dominance as reality.
What next I remember, is going into the storeroom side of the stable to get some hay to fill the manger. Before I could start to cut the strings of the bale, I found myself forced down onto it on my knees, and made to stare downwards. But it was not to look at the assorted feed bags and twine that I would have expected to see. No, I looked into a void, but not a void. Picture the most drear, cold landscape of your imagination. I was in a narrow steep-sided valley, and it was grey, and cold. A white, snow covered landscape has some charm, but not this that I saw. The wind blown, snow blown terrain and scree were so grey and lifeless; not a plant grew; not a creature moved; not a bird flew - and it was soundless. There upon my back was a great weight of ice, as if the whole of a glacier lay there, bearing me down. I was so utterly cold and alone, and I knew inside me that this could go on and on and on for ever. But in spite of that, I could muster the shadow of a wry smile, for I knew that this could in fact be a state that knowingly I had chosen, for, in essence, I was being shown what Hell could be. What I was seeing and feeling would be the equivalent of having once known and experienced the warmth of Divine love, and then of having rejected it deliberately - given it a derisive gesture - in full knowledge of what I was doing; and the remembrance of what I had lost by my rejection would be with me for eternity with no chance of recall.
I have no knowledge of how long my ‘vision’ lasted, though lasted it did, sufficiently to have stayed with me unabated for over twenty-eight years. Nevertheless, gradually the warmth returned and I was eased to my feet as my benumbed knees regained their function. And so, standing comfortably again, I turned and looked out over the half stable door. The clouds had cleared, and the sky was full of stars. So full of stars. And the reality of Christmas, and the limitless and unique love that it had brought into the world, swept over me.”

The following day produced so much extra drama that I will not even try to summarise it. I have done my best to describe it in the book, which I wrote partly to avoid ever again having to relate the ‘story’ – for the emotions that were aroused were so diverse and intensely strong that even just thinking of them now can be disturbing to me.
There followed a roller-coaster of events through about ten days, after which I emerged again and took control of a life that would never ever be the same. At times, I curse myself profoundly for having been the instrument of my own distress, but at heart, I realise that I have been privileged to have been given such deep insights into a spiritual world – a world of such immense diversity as it spreads its spectrum between the divine and the profoundly evil.
My book is my attempt to share this experience to the extent that it impinges into the lives of the distressed and mentally ill. Some feedback tells me that I am having modest success, and hopefully I shall reach more individuals if, on reading this, you will attempt to read the book, and please tell others about the website.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Center For Psycho-Spiritual Renewal and Dynamic Healing

Centre for Psycho-spiritual Renewal 
Dynamic Healing

Newsletter Update

For those who have been following our strategy in communicating into the fifth dimension using the Excalibur frequency, our use of the Cheransky centre opposed oscillator continues to give strong signal to noise ratio in the violet range, but – and this is why I am writing – Graham has added a modified Lakowsy frequency dynamic coil and is just (and I emphasise – just) getting contact into the indigo band. It may be due to the ionospheric shift at this level of sunspot activity – time will tell!! Exciting, isn’t it??

For new clients, I’ll summarise our therapies (we’ve added a few since the last letter….)

We’ve a feather from a White Eagle,
Sacred Ash from Sai Baba as well,
And if old Krishnamurti
Doesn’t prove to be shirty,
You’ll soon be as sound as a bell!

2. Our aim is to cure not kill you,
(Though, please will you pay in advance?),
We’ve yoga, Tai Chi, Chinese Art,
(and that’s free),
And a masseuse imported from France.

3. Our Spiritual Healer, most saintly,
Says “My power it comes from On High –
I am just a channel…” 

But his load of old flannel
Sounds much more like Pie in the Sky.

4. We’ve Masters in all sorts of Reiki,
Each with the highest degrees.
You can learn all they know in a weekend,
But they charge quite exorbitant fees.

5. There’s the drum from our Shaman from Lapland,
His stick with the feathers as well,
But the herbs that he uses, 

And the goat he abuses,
Have a most diabolical smell!

6. We’ve someone who’ll balance your Chakras,
With crystals and bowls that sing,
We’ll dowse you, delouse you,
We’ll even espouse you, 

If that’s what you want in the spring.

7. Our expert in New Radionics 

Let us look in his little Black Box,
Inside was malt whisky,
Some condoms quite frisky,
And a spare pair if very smart socks.

8. We’ll survey your house with a dowser,
And banish each unwanted ray,
We’ll sell you a kit for Feng Shui,
But not, oh dear me no, 

Definitely, absolutely, positively not – 
Not if you call it Fung Shway. Ugh!!!

9. We’ve an ointment that’s most efficacious,
From Lily the Pink, no less,
We’ll apply it quite gently 

To your most tender parts,
“Will you kindly please take off your dress?”

10. Our Hypnotist is really quite gifted,
You’ll soon be in your former life.
I’m afraid that you’ll find it so horrid,
You’ll be glad to get back to the wife.

11. From our Channels we’ll get you the answers
To questions that you’ve yet to ask.
The words from the Master are awesome
As he speaks through an old Zulu mask.

12. We’ll eliminate all your bad karma.
And give you a new past life.
We turn lead into gold.
Hot into cold,
And can banish your husband or wife.

13. We’ll flush out your colon quite gently,
And get rid of the unwanted bits,
We’ve customers Royal,
Most regular and loyal,
And pop-stars with pneumatic t-ts.

14. If all our sincerest endeavours
To cure you should finally fail,
We’ve a Funeral Parlour quite handy,
With D.I.Y. coffins for sale.

All our details are in the Yellow Pages, though it’s best to use our Web Site if you can, as we frequently incorporate new therapies. 

Costs are remarkably stable, so no increase in charges!!
For those who are interested, we have managed to find a supplier of organic manna and ambrosia, although shipping costs may be prohibitive 
(still negotiating).

Love, peace, light and joy!

Roy Vincent & Graham, Directors.



Sunday, 2 December 2007






Such are some of the names and epithets ‘enjoyed’ by one of our closest neighbours in the Solar System – the planet Mars and its satellites. And what a collection of names! And how diverse the origins. (And what on Earth does this have to do with the mental health topics about which I normally write?)

Babylonian astronomer-astrologers chose to call the planet Nergal – the name of their God of death and pestilence. The Greeks chose Ares – their God of war - and called the two Martian moons – Phobos (Fear) and Deimos (Terror). The Romans paralleling the Greeks named the planet Mars, their God of war, also.

But why? Yes, why should so much opprobrium be heaped upon an inert heavenly body? One whose equatorial radius is about half that of the earth and whose mass is just one-tenth, and surface area four times less than our planet.

“Because it is red” – so goes the normally accepted myth. 

 If that is the best we can do, I suggest that we think again. The Ancients – the ones who applied these epithets – did not have any visual aids to magnify the object of their observation and assist them in their study. Furthermore, for a large part of its orbit, Mars is not visible from earth in the hours of darkness, and for a significant part of the remainder, it may appear to be no brighter than a bright star at dawn or dusk.

But what about the rest of the time – the period when it is largely visible to the naked eye, and obviously red? 

To understand the significance that I apply to this period of high visibility and the links that I see to the various ‘qualities’ that the Ancients ascribed to the planet, it is necessary to study certain facts about Mars, its movements around the sun, and consequent positions relative to the Earth. 

Even though you may not have the slightest interest in astronomy, nor in the machinations of the Ancients, nevertheless, you have the same tools that they had – namely your eyes. You also have the same intellectual abilities, which you can apply to the observation and study of human behaviour, and to natural phenomena such as storms and earthquakes. 
You might then come to the same conclusions as I have in relating the results of your observations to the behaviour of humans, whether as individuals or in the mass. 
You might also come to the same conclusions as me when I take the observed behaviour and reactions a step further into the field of mental health. 
You might also discover that as you share your thoughts with others and find that you are able to predict times or periods when individuals or people in the mass will behave aggressively or unpredictably, you will be treated as a minor prophet, such as I seem to have become among my acquaintances.

 (And you will not be indulging in astrology.)
To understand fully what I am trying to convey, it is necessary for you to absorb a few facts.

Mars orbits the sun every two years. It has an eccentric orbit, which means that the sun is not at the mid-point of the orbital ellipse. The orbit is ‘outside’ that of the earth.

Once every two years, the earth and mars are in ‘opposition’; i.e. the earth is directly between the sun and mars, and the earth and Mars are close to each other.

Every fifteen (occasionally seventeen) years the ‘opposition’ occurs when mars is at its ‘perihelion’ – i.e. on that part of its orbit that brings it closest to the sun, and consequently very close to the earth. (The distance between the earth and mars varies from 56 million km to 400 million km)

When mars is in opposition, it appears due south at midnight, and as it is closer to the earth than at other times, it is larger, clearer and redder. At ‘perihelic opposition’, it is even larger, clearer and more red.

For reasons that yet I cannot fathom, as the earth and Mars draw closer to each other, humans, whether singly or in the mass, are affected in ways that may be discerned by anyone who is prepared to stand back and observe with a mind that is open and objective. 

In his ‘The Planets’ suite, composer Gustav Holst names Mars ‘The Bringer of War’. Yes, ‘The Bringer...’ 

Whether as between individuals, between families and family members, within societies and within nations, and between nations, dissent and conflict erupt. 

Check for yourself. At the end of this note, you will find a list of ‘perihelion oppositions’ from the year 1608. Check, as I have done, these dates against the types of social upheaval that I describe, and you will be surprised at the correspondence.

More than that, check the dates against records of major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, great storms, ‘the coldest this...’ or ‘the hottest that…’ Again, you will be surprised at the correlation. Examination of the dates of major epidemics and ‘pestilence’ will reveal more correspondence than can be explained by sheer coincidence. 

 Then ask yourself ‘why?’

Ever since I became aware of the Mars ‘phenomenon’, I have pondered, yet have not found an answer that satisfies me.

 The fact that major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur coincidentally with the Mars oppositions has convinced me that the variations in the gravitational pull between earth and Mars might be the greatest source of influence.

 Does it alter the flow of the ‘solar wind’ – the passage of electrically charged particles that flow outwards from the Sun?

 Does it depress the Earth’s ionosphere in the same way that the Moon does on its movements around its ‘host’?

I don’t know – shall probably never know. What I do know is that the effects upon people are very real. Observe for yourself at the next opposition, which will occur in May 2016.

(The next perihelic opposition will occur in April 2018.)

But the effect is not specific to the opposition date itself.  The most recent opposition was in April 2014, and this year seems to be excelling itself in human conflict and disaster.

 Don’t let me prompt you, be your own judge, just as my own personal observations have informed me.  It is impossible to escape the reports of the human torment and natural disasters that come to us from all over the World. 

Less obvious, and usually apparent only to the immediate participants, are the events at a domestic level. And even less obvious are the influences that beset the minds of sensitive individuals, particularly those with nervous or ‘mental’ problems. 

 It is obvious that I am not being specific – principally because I do not want to prompt anyone into an action or response.

My chief concern is with those who suffer voices and other forms of intrusion into their minds and bodies. 

I write with absolute conviction that in a high proportion of instances, these originate from external spiritual sources; sources that are both intelligent and malevolent, and that are aware that sensitive individuals are depleted and undermined at the times that I write about. 

 Sleep is often disturbed and minimal, and the terrors that may plague the vulnerable in the loneliest time of the night will increase markedly. The lonely persecuted mind is vulnerable and prey to the suicidal thoughts that may be being forced into it. 

Resentments may be fuelled and violence provoked.

I know, to some it will seem like a combination of ‘old wives tales’ coupled with a fertile imagination. 

 Think like that if you wish.

Thirty years of personal experience and observation have convinced me of the reality of what I write.

 This reality came home forcibly to a long-standing friend. He had a partner who was very sensitive to the influences that I describe, and when I saw that any set of adverse conditions was approaching, I would give him a ‘hard hat’ warning, for his partner would lose all control and become very violent and abusive – and yet would have no subsequent recall.

I could write much more, but the best confirmation of what I have written above, will come from your own study and observation.

So, just stand back - and try to observe objectively.


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