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I can become an absolute bore on the subject of ‘voice hearing’ and all that those two words conjure up – but I do not apologise for writing, writing and continuing to write.  Because, through my book and Blog, I have reached many individuals, and, as we have corresponded by email, so many very personal stories have emerged.  Stories that I try to weave through my writing – all the time trying to convey to anyone who is interested just what it can be like to experience these unknown voices in the mind and physical presence within the body. 

Therefore, to try to experience what is like to live with ‘other beings’ who are trying to control one’s thoughts and actions, may I suggest that you join me in a little role play?

So!  I have found a rôle for you!

You are now Sara-Jane; you are in your early forties and  are in a plane a mile high above the Mediterranean and about to join her unique Mile High Club…

You are returning from an absolutely blissful holiday in the Greek Islands, and to where you will return in a year’s time to marry Tom, your partner, who is beside you, lightly dozing.  Your mind is so full – the holiday just ended – already planning what you will wear next year.  Not a negative thought in your mind; nothing but happiness.

Then suddenly, all of the other people on the plane are talking about you, criticising you, condemning you, pulling you to pieces – your clothes; your morals – on and on.  As you cower in your seat, Tom wakes and you pour out the reasons for your distress – “They’re all talking about me!  They’re all talking about me!” 

Tom stands up and looks around, and persuades you to do the same. 

Not a single person shows any interest in you.

Somehow, you manage to keep things together while the plane lands and you travel home, where the dam bursts and the malign voices and presences continue their castigation.  You have time off work, ostensibly with stress, and you struggle to cope.  Only with the strong support and care from Tom and your twin sister do you manage to avoid being ‘sectioned’.  Yet you have determination that this ‘thing’ is not going to beat you, and you struggle with the minimum of drug intake and try to find the real explanation of what has happened to you.

You scour the Internet, looking for articles, books – anything that might help.  You find one, a book, that seems to draw you, and you read it avidly, non-stop.  And at last, you have an explanation that seems to fit your own incredible experiences. 

“I must write to this man and tell him”, you say to Tom.  And you do…

And here alongside me as I write is the letter from Sara-Jane.  It is a letter that puzzled me when I first opened it, for it is on the headed note-paper of a very major British motor manufacturer, where she works in a responsible position.

Sara-Jane begins:

“I want to say thanks for writing on the Internet about your experiences.  I found it to be the only true version of what I feel happened to myself last year.  I had been looking for books to read on the subject but I found nothing useful until I came across your account…”

She and Tom came to stay with me, and we were able to reach an even greater understanding of her experiences.  The year elapsed – and produced on my computer two wedding photographs of very happy people – Sara-Jane, looking absolutely exquisite, alongside a beaming Tom; and the second, with twin sister, equally looking radiant.

Sara-Jane can count herself fortunate, in that her experiences appear to have had a beginning and an end – or if not an actual ‘end’, but a finite analysis that shows that control is made possible by ‘awareness’ and knowledge.  Others may not be so fortunate, and with them I may begin an email correspondence – one that can span the Globe, (yes, truly Worldwide as emails have arrived from such diverse locations as the Philippines, Moscow, Brazil, Mexico, Florida and UK) – and which may go on for some months before, hopefully, we can write “RESULT – give me a high-five!”  

Most people know someone with mental health problems who might profit from reading my book.

 ‘Hearing voices’ is something that many individuals just don’t want to talk about, because of the stigma, and fear of ‘psychiatry’ and powerful anti-psychotic drugs.  They might welcome the chance to read about someone else’s experiences and ways of coping.

So please note the Web/Blog addresses, and pass them on.

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