Sunday, 27 March 2016


Please take this seriously - the transmissions to the submarines are very intense as the TV from the Olympics is being streamed  to them.
The reactions that I describe that are being felt by individuals on shore are consequently intensified.
No one is immune.


And not just my life, but also the lives of many other people.

No – I am not an ‘anti’ – ‘anti –this’ or ‘anti- that’.

I am certainly not anti-‘nuclear’.  How could I be, when I spent the whole of my working life in the nuclear plants of Sellafield and Calder Hall Power Station?

And even if I have a view about the ‘nuclear deterrent’
I would certainly not discuss it in an article such as this.

No!  In fact, I admire the submariners and their dedication to our defence.

It is the systems  that are used to communicate with them that create the problems – 
quite serious problems.

Nuclear submarines must be hidden and undetected wherever they are deployed, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, for periods of up to three months at a time.  Completely undetectable.

Which means that they never use anything such as satellite aerials or surface aerials of any sort that may be visible from satellite surveillance. 

They must receive their communications while they are deep in the deepest parts of the oceans of the World.  Anywhere in the World.

Communications that are transmitted through the Earth and Ocean.

There is a considerable amount of information available on the Internet if you search for ‘Communication with nuclear submarines’, and ‘Extremely Low Frequency Program’, but essentially this is what happens.

An ’aerial’ is created from a long electrical cable which is ‘plugged’ into the ground at each end, and which is ‘fed’ at its mid-point with the transmitted communications.  

The Russians are quite open with information about their installation which is near Murmansk

Their ‘aerial’ is 10 km long and is ‘plugged’ into the earth at either end in what may be described as mini mine-shafts.  The US transmitter is believed to be in Wisconsin, while that of the UK is believed to be within a forest in Northern Scotland.  As for the others – the countries deploying these submarines – France, Israel, China, Pakistan, I believe, - possibly Australia – each will have its own transmission system and transmitter location, ensuring that the World is criss-crossed with these signal.

The Russians transmit using a frequency of 82 Hz or cycles per second,   while the USA uses a frequency of 78 Hz.  The remaining countries that deploy these submarines are very sparing with information, or are completely silent.

These transmissions are non-directional, and are capable of reaching anywhere on the planet – land as well as sea.

All life is very sensitive to its electrical and electromagnetic, em, environment – witness the reported behaviour of some animals as they respond to the seismic earth currents that are created at the onset of earthquakes.  (One man in Los Angeles actually predicts impending quakes from the frequency of lost pet adverts in public media, while famously, 90,000 lives were saved when, in 1975, the Chinese city of Haicheng was evacuated because of observation of unusual animal behaviour.  The subsequent powerful earthquake destroyed the greatest part of the city).

Acknowledging my status as a mammal, I, also, am aware of changes to my electrical/electromagnetic environment.  Indeed, for many years I have been aware of my ultra-sensitivity, and do all that I can to eliminate sources of electromagnetic (em) radiation.  My relative isolation keeps me away from most – there is no mobile phone signal – and domestically I avoid much em radiation, even to the exclusion of – and would resist ‘to the death’ any attempt to install an electrical ‘smart meter’

Although the actual strength of the transmitted signal is low when it reaches me, the strength is immaterial – it simply acts as a trigger that activates the ‘autonomic’ reactions of my nervous system, reactions that induce all of the physical feelings of deep anxiety.

The transmission frequencies are known as Extra Low Frequency (ELF), and have been well studied and written about.  

Principally, they can affect the function of the nervous system, while the extremely lowest frequencies may induce altered states of consciousness.

Because the submarines can only receive the signals, transmissions from the land bases have to be made at specific times.  Nations will transmit at different frequencies, and at their own chosen times, which in my experience is on the quarter hour – there are individual transmissions going on all through the day – and also the night.

I first became aware of ‘something’ several years ago.  That ‘something’ occurred at 6 a.m., when, immediately, I sensed that ‘something electrical’ had been switched on ‘somewhere’.  Lying in bed, I was immediately consumed with a strong feeling of ‘depression’ – mental and physical.  Friends with whom I communicate each day were also describing similar experiences and reactions. 

Seven a.m. ‘switch on’ creates something entirely different.  The function of my brain is ‘slowed down’ and my balance is affected.

And so on, through the day and night, with different reactions being induced at different times.

Having eliminated anything local as a source of these reactions, further analysis and observation over time, led me to speculate about the nuclear submarines, and to receive confirmation via the Internet.

To write in greater detail will result in a very long article.  So I shall be brief.

‘Switch on’ instantly creates a strong sensation in the perineum and genitals and a false desire to urinate and defecate.  (I have ample opportunity to observe farm animals, and invariably they urinate and defecate immediately when alarmed.)

The throat becomes tense, and breathing is held at a minimal level, whilst the midriff is tautened and an unpleasant ‘gut feeling’ induced.

Wrists, calves and buttock also tense, whilst the shoulders hunch.

The palms of the hands, finger ends and the soles of the feet become ‘desensitised’-, almost numb.

Frequently, the lower bowel develops quantities of ‘wind’ or ’gas’ with accompanying ‘mucus’, which when expelled becomes what is generally known as a ‘wet fart’.

There are times, when a transmission is particularly strong and lengthy, thereby creating an intense inner feeling of anxiety, the complete liquid contents of the lower bowel may be expelled violently and without the possibility of restraint, and. depending where it actually happens, may be the cause of great embarrassment. 

In other words these are the reactions of a mammal in a state of panic or deep anxiety - trying to keep a ’low profile’ when potentially in danger, yet being prepared to run for its life.

In the human mammal, when the aches and tensions become an almost permanent feature of one’s life, attempts are made to ‘rationalise’ them, tolerate them, or to find ‘common cause’ with other sufferers.  Just as I do with the friends with whom I communicate frequently on these matters. 
In desperation, one of these friends presented her GP with a full litany of every reaction and symptom, ending with “Will you please tell me what is wrong with me?” 

She received the reply – “The answer is that I don’t know – practically every GP in the country is being asked that same question, and we don’t know the answer.”

Because of their isolation, sub-mariners need to be kept informed about daily life in their home country, and there are times when the transmissions are long and continuous.  This is particularly so when there are major sporting events taking place and when there are major international tensions.

A prime example of the latter occurred when President Obama was planning to bomb Syria in reprisal for the alleged use of chemical weapons by Government Forces.  The transmissions must have been continuous as the naval units of the various nations were kept informed and received instructions - and my internal reactions became almost unbearable – as were those of my ‘contacts’.

Then Russia intervened, and I went to bed on the Sunday evening not knowing what the next day would bring.  I woke in the night – and there was nothing  And again, throughout the Monday – nothing – as it must have been at the dawn of time.

Obama had ‘blinked’ and everyone was holding their breath, waiting to see what would happen next.  My phone hardly stopped ringing as friends rang to comment in amazement and to enquire.

‘Normal service’ resumed on the Tuesday….

Currently, the situation in Syria and the rest of the Middle East is so tense and volatile that it is inevitable that transmissions will be frequent and long.

At this moment, it is mid-day on Thursday 24th of March and there is a powerful transmission, with the result that I have had to cease writing, because it is virtually impossible to think coherently or to make rational decisions because of intense and continuous physical and mental reactions.  Additionally, my gullet is ‘locked’ and food will not descend.

I have written elsewhere suggesting that the large increase in the number of whales that are becoming stranded on European beaches and elsewhere in the World is also the result of their disturbance and panic caused by the electromagnetic phenomena that surround them as they swim.

While I cannot put myself in the place of a whale in the ocean, I have no difficulty in imagining the confusion and panic that might be created in such a huge creature when it is completely surrounded and swamped by ‘alien’ influences similar to the ones that I am feeling.

In terms of human reactions, I can write solely about my experiences and those of the group of friends who live in the same area.  The majority are also retired and, like me, live lives that are fairly ‘static’ – living in small houses or bungalows, and hence spending much time ‘close to the ground’.
Additionally, the area in which we live was formerly very actively volcanic, and has a base stratum of granite.  Whether or not this has any significance in the distribution of these signals as opposed to the distribution in zones having different geology, I have no way of knowing.
Individuals who live and/or work in high rise buildings, will be subject to diminishing influence, while those who live in what have been described as the ‘urban electromagnetic jungles’, where there is already a great amount of em radiation from a great variety of sources,  they are least likely to be aware of subtle changes within their environment – although their bodies and brains will, willy nilly, detect the transmissions, and will create corresponding involuntary reactions.
I speculate whether the influences and reactions that I describe make any contribution to the acknowledged increase in mental health problems, early onset dementia and an observed upsurge in human aggression.

Also, it is a significant fact that in the majority of the World regions where revolution, upheaval and turmoil are happening, the inhabitants live and sleep essentially on or very close to the ground – and since the transmissions to the submarines are non-directional, there is not a place on earth where they will not reach.

The published researches of Dr. Cyril Smith of Salford University give much information concerning sensitivity to em transmissions.
His book ‘Electro-magnetic Man’ is very informative.  (Sorry, no ISBN)
Likewise, the publications of American Orthopaedic Surgeon, the late
Dr. Robert O. Becker, are very relevant and very readable.
‘The Body Electric’ – ISBN -  0 – 688 – 06971 – 1
‘Crosscurrents’ – ISBN – 978 – 0 – 87477 – 609 – 6
Additionally there are many articles and reports on the subject of ‘Etho-geological forecasting’  e.g. by Rupert Sheldrake et al, which describe the reactions of a variety of animals and other life forms to terrestrial electricity from all of its various origins.



From the age of 18, when I trained as a radar specialist in the wartime Royal Navy, until my retirement from a lifetime’s employment as a measurement specialist in the Nuclear World of Sellafield and Calder Hall, I have been involved with the detection and measurement of minute electrical, electromagnetic and nuclear phenomena.

Currently, I have no equipment with which to detect and measure the phenomena about which I write other than my sensitive body and brain.  However, I have many words that I could use to express the resentment that I feel at this gross intrusion from a system that is designed to protect me – from what?

How many liberties must we sacrifice
to overcome our fears?

Here is one final thought – if there really is a conflict, it is possible that many individuals onshore might be rendered incapable of fighting because of their mental and physical inertia, intensified by the great increase in transmissions.