Saturday, 5 December 2009


Thank you for coming to my Blog. I want to tell you about my long experience of hearing voices, and what I have learned in the 30 years that it has been happening to me, 30 years in which, fortunately, I have not become ill as a result of these experiences. Everything is contained in the book that I have written and which I have published as a free download. It is a book that has caused one self-harming young woman to write on StumbleUpon, “He pours water over many unhelpful myths, and writes clearly in a way that will probably save someone’s life.”

My long experience leaves me in no doubt that what happens to me is the result of spiritual intrusion into my mind and body. I know the word ‘spiritual’ will put many people off, but please do not be put off by any previous experiences or negative beliefs or prejudice. I am an engineer and my language and reasoning are those of an engineer – as factual and rational as it is possible to be in such an area of uncertainty. And not just voice-hearing, for my writing includes many other phenomena that individuals may experience. Mood creation; dominance and oppression; physical presence; compulsion; addiction; paranoia; manic depression (bi-polar); multiple personality or dissociative disorders – all find explanations once one is prepared to accept the truth of spiritual intrusion.#

In addition to the complete book, the website includes a number of short articles and essays on specific but associated topics; these are to be found in Chapter 16, and they may be downloaded and used freely – but please acknowledge authorship and copyright. There, for example, you will find an article entitled “Two Fools” which describes and analyses all of the conditions listed at # above.

I make no money from the book – and that includes the recently published paperback. My only purpose is to have it read by as many people as possible, and having read it, to put my knowledge to use in the treatment and relief from suffering of the many individuals who hear voices and who suffer all that an ill-informed and uncaring society throws at them because of the ‘labels’ that are then attached to them. There are many ‘closet’ voice-hearers. Please help them to get out of their mental prison, and reclaim their lives.

The web site above gives details of the paperback, while distributors may be found by putting the ISB Number in Google Search –
ISBN 9781847477590

I have had much feedback and many favourable and grateful comments, such as…

From a Carer, “First of all, a very warm ‘thank you’ for making your remarkable book available free on the Internet.”

Someone who had no previous experience of voices and who was suddenly ‘attacked’ by malicious voices while in a plane over the Mediterranean, wrote, “I have searched the Internet for books that would explain what happened to me recently, but there was nothing until I found your welcome book.”

A television producer commented, “It is beautifully written.”

While a Mother wrote, “My son is in hospital on anti-psychotic drugs. He describes it word for word like Roy. He has always said that it is a spiritual thing, not a mental illness.”

Finally, a man who is reading the book currently while in a cell in Death Row of a jail in the US wrote, “ I hear voices and get physically abused/manipulated by unseen, but very real entities, I’ll call spirits of good and/or bad deportment.”

Most people know someone with mental health problems, and there are many who have problems that they are scared to reveal because of fear of ‘psychiatry’, anti-psychotic drugs, and all that is now implied in the media by the one word ‘schizophrenic’. Please help them by telling them of the book, and by reading it yourself